No matter where you’re from, No matter who you are,
No matter what the problem is You’ll find support here

Ahakoa nō hea koe,
Ahakoa ko wai koe,
Ahakoa he aha te rā,
Ka kitea e koe he āwhina i konei

Services and Programmes
In the heart of Gisborne, Tauawhi Men’s Centre stands as a sanctuary for men seeking guidance. Our certified counsellors craft personalised sessions, addressing challenges from emotional distress to addiction. In our confidential space, every individual finds the understanding and support they need to navigate life's complexities.
Mana Tāne Support Group
Every Wednesday evening at 6pm, the doors of Tauawhi at 71 Peel Street open wide for the Mana Tane group. Men from diverse backgrounds gather, fostering a community where open dialogue thrives. Here, every voice is valued, every story acknowledged, building bonds that transcend the sessions.
Tauawhi Whare Ahuru Respite House
For those moments when life becomes overwhelming, Tauawhi Whare Ahuru offers a haven. This residential respite space welcomes men seeking a brief retreat, ensuring their well-being and that of their whānau. Every referral is a testament to the trust placed in Tauawhi's services.
Pāpāwhāriki – Empowering Fathers
Recognizing the irreplaceable role of fathers, our Pāpāwhariki initiative offers a treasure trove of tools and insights. We aim to fortify the father-child bond, ensuring children grow in a nurturing embrace, reaping the benefits of a strong paternal connection.
Te Hōkai: Male Survivors Tairāwhiti
In collaboration with Te Hōkai, Tauawhi extends its arms to men who have endured sexual harm or abuse. This peer support service stands as a beacon of hope and recovery, echoing Tauawhi's commitment to holistic healing.          
Awhi & Navigation Beginning a journey towards well-being can be daunting. Our dedicated Awhi team is here to light the way. They delve deep to understand individual needs, guiding men through community and government systems, including legal intricacies.